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European Year of Youth Micro Grants Application Process


About the European Year of Youth

The European Union has designated 2022 the European Year of Youth. This year will bring many exciting opportunities for young people and those who work with them across a variety of sectors.  

There are four key priorities set out for the year, summarised below. You can see the full text in Article Two of the ‘Decision (EU) 2021/2316 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 December 2021 on a European Year of Youth 2022'. 

Given the war in Ukraine since the creation of this scheme, Léargas will add a new priority from the 15 May deadline.  This priority is specifically aimed at activity development that supports young people from Ukraine, those working with them and values that underpin the European Union.

  1. Supporting young people from Ukraine.  Projects that look at aiding integration.  Projects or events that examine topics with young people such as democracy, solidarity or preventing disinformation.
  2. Supporting young people, especially young people with fewer opportunities, to acquire a better understanding of opportunities available to them 
  3. Actively promoting the various opportunities available to young people at local, regional and European level 
  4. Supporting young people’s personal, social, economic and professional development including through Youth Work 
  5. Celebrating young people and renewing the positive perspectives for young people, with a particular focus on the negative effects the COVID-19 pandemic had on them 
  6. Highlighting how the green and digital transitions and other Union policies offer opportunities for young people and for society at large 
  7. Ensuring a youth perspective is brought into policy-making at all levels. 

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About the European Year of Youth Micro Grant Scheme 


To celebrate European Year of Youth 2022, we want to fund activities and events that:   

 a. shine a light on the great work that is already happening around the country during European Year of Youth  


 b. support you to take this opportunity to try out something completely new in partnership with the young people in your organisation or community 


 c. Meet the priorities above.  

What type of activities or events could be funded?  

Any activity taking place within the Republic of Ireland before 31 December 2022 that support young people’s engagement with any of the priorities listed above. This could be a conference, consultation, workshop, a music event, an art exhibition, a photo competition, a mini festival, thematic meetings, a combination of events and online campaigns, information session, and so on.   

These are just some examples - we want to hear your ideas and we want to support you to make your creative ideas a reality!  

Who can apply? 

A youth organization, school, club or other organised group or entity will need to be the named applicant for a grant. We welcome ideas from informal groups of young people or individuals working with young people; however, the financial responsibility and reporting obligation must remain within an organised, non-profit group or entity.* If you are an informal group with no capacity to link in with an organisation to act on your behalf, get in touch with us at eyy2022@leargas.ie.    

The EYY Micro Grants considers those aged 10 to 30 years old as young people.  As defined in the National Youth Strategy, a young person is identified as anyone over the age of 10.  In line with the EU Strategy for Youth, those up to 30 years old are included as young people.

How much funding is available?  

The grant you receive depends on the scale of your idea. You will indicate in your application the estimated cost of your project. There are three bands:   

  • Small: €500-€1,500 
  • Medium: €1,501-€3,000 
  • Large: €3,001-€5,000

    You will need to give more detail about your activities if you apply for a larger band of funding.  

  You will receive 80% of the grant upfront.  You will receive the final 20% when you:  

  • complete your project 
  • submit a satisfactory final report and documentary evidence to Léargas.  

What is a final report and what do you mean by ‘documentary evidence’? 

A final report is a written report explaining your activities and outcomes. It will have a similar format and level of detail as the application form.  

Documentary evidence can be provided in the following formats: blog posts, videos, photographs, social media posts showing the results of your event/project, and so on. 

When do we apply? 

There are six deadlines across the year. You do not need to wait for a specific deadline, we want to give as much opportunity as possible to apply.  

  • 15 April 2022 
  • 15 May 2022  
  • 15 June 2022
  • 15 August 2022 
  • 15 September 2022 
  • 15 October 2022 

Where do we apply? 

Complete the online form below. Please send any queries to eyy2022@leargas.ie.